God Loves the David’s and uses the Rahab’s.

rahab-01David was one of the greatest men in the bible. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard of him in our present day. I believe we all know his story; he was a shepherd boy at the time he was anointed king of Israel, he killed bears and lions, he slayed the largest human in the land at the time, he was a fugitive, he killed tens of thousands, he killed a man to get his wife, he loved GOD, and God considered him, a man after his own heart.

If you don’t know his bio, I recommend that you read the book of Samuel, both 1st and 2nd. I recently was reading the above chapters of the bible, and as I was reading along, it occurred to me that David was more or less your average guy. He did quite a number of things that are equivalent to what we do today. The major of the incidences in his life was adultery and murder, and not just your typical ‘sleeping with my subordinate’s wife’, but he went further on to have the husband of his accomplice in the act (mistress) killed! David definitely had his faults. But did you notice that despite it all, God still referred to him as ‘a man after my own heart’ (Acts 13:22)?

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The Flame of Life

I now understand.

How we lose ourselves.

How we forget the dreams, which ignited the flames

Of our hearts as kids.


I now understand how we

End up being bodies,

Of walking masquerades,

Of false images

Of whom we are meant to be.

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I can love you better than she can… OR SO YOU THINK

cheating-black-manOne day on my way home, listening to radio, and mindlessly staring at the driver on the next lane as they, similarly, passed by (a very Kenyan habit),  there was a song that came on which grabbed my attention from my mindless Kenyanized gaze.

The phrase that did this was “I can love you better than she can”. I could tell it was Mary J Blige, and since I don’t remember how the rest of the song lyrics go, I Googled them.

“I can love you, (I can love you) I can love you, (I can love you) I can love you better than she can

Sitting here; Wondering why you don’t love me; The way that I love you; And baby have no fear; Cause I would never ever hurt you; And you know my love is real, boy I can…

(I can love you) I can love you; A little better than she can
(I know that you) I know that you; Wish that you could be my man; Cause I can love you better than she can…”

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