The Beauty of Less


“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

— John Maeda

I have been away from town on work duties for about 3weeks hence the one month silence; apologies. Initially I was a nervous wreck when I was told I would be away from home for 3weeks; and all ALONE!!! Completely new environment away from the known; away from pay TV, away from cinemas; away from… civilization basically (at least that’s how it seemed in my mind). Lucky enough for me (more like thanks to much psychological preparation) after a few days, the place started growing on me and I began to like it. In my post Average girls finish First’, I revealed how, the more I go on with life, the simpler I seem to be, and in another life I’d probably be a hippie (I don’t even know how that is happening).

I have lived in the capital city all my life. And quite frankly, I have never imagined that there can be life outside it. I mean, Nairobi is the ‘IT’ place to be in Africa next to South Africa. In fact if someone ever told me that they were relocating to another town, at the back of my mind I’d pity them.

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Walking away from Success

It’s been a month since I last wrote, but with good reason. I had traveled far off to another town, where accessing internet wasn’t the easiest ( I will be writing about that soon) and when I came back, I fell sick, then when I tried to put a post up after I got better, my internet just hang up on me again.

But enough with the reasons, here is something that I believe and hope will get your mind thinking. Enjoy.


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