Living on Wait


Some time at the beginning of this year, I had great anticipation. I knew something great was going to happen, soon. But I did not know when soon was. A day passed by; a week; a month; 2months… something great was still on its way. I seemed to put my life on hold because I was waiting for something bigger and better than now. I didn’t know what exactly that was, but like I said I knew it was coming.

Then one day, in my think tank of a vehicle, I begun to analyze and try to figure out what exactly I was waiting for. I was surprised to find out that everything I was waiting for, were things that had a process to them. I was in the process of attaining the ‘great’ thing, of which some would take anything from 3-10yrs to be realized. But in the meantime what was I doing? Living in anticipation; literally. I was living on the wait gear.  I was sitting pretty, just waiting for the big ‘something(s)’ to happen.

At the end of each day, I’d feel wasted because I didn’t do much with myself. Why? Because I was living on wait. That point right there, is when the phrase ‘live for today’ actually made sense for the first time.

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