Beauty Like The Son


4128785-beautiful-south-african-woman-with-bronze-necklace-and-natural-make-up-long-false-eyelashes-with-lotThere is a movement/craze that’s currently trending amongst many African ladies of ‘going back to the roots’ i.e. going natural. I’m not one to be carried away by trends and fads. I love fashion and style. Not trends. Though his particular ‘trend’ (for it’s more of a movement now) is one that I admit, I’m 100% pro. When I chose to go natural, it was not because it was the in thing to do. I kind of stumbled into it. I have always had long hair, never been cut since birth, until about two years ago. At that point, I just felt I needed a change, plus it was at a point in my life where I chose and needed to turn things around. What better moment for these two points to converge, so I opted, to go for a shorter look to just mark a new chapter of my life. I went for a bob hair-cut. (Do bear with me; this post is not about hair; I’m actually getting somewhere.) My hair being chemicalised, however, prove challenging to maintain, especially when my natural hair grew out (it just looked all over the place) so when my hair had grown out a couple of inches, I decided to chop off the chemicalised ¾ part of my hair (I later came to learn its called the big chop), and voila, I was natural. For me it was just one of my many experimental stages. That is how I set off on my natural journey, unknowingly. It’s only recently that I discovered it’s becoming a common craze, so I joined the band wagon, my way!!!

As I kept researching on how to care for African hair, which I did quite a bit, I awakened my love of all things naturally beautiful. I’ve always, subconsciously, preferred natural beauty treatments to those expensive stuff, and now it’s become a conscious thing.

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hey-its-your-fault-so-donI have been planning to wake up at 5.30am since i was in high school. I am still very focused-ly working on it.

Every beginning of the year, it has worked, for about a month or two. Then for some reason, everything retracts to a sleep-wake up bloodbath. Sleep always tends to seem to have the upper hand. Now the thing in Nairobi is, if you do not leave the house by 7 (that is for where I live), you will be in traffic for even two hours (mostly on end month when everyone has fuelled their car). The other day I was just reflecting and asking my self ‘Val, this cycle needs to stop! You know the only way to beat the traffic is if you wake up at latest 6am. Is that so hard? Now look there’s traffic. You cannot blame traffic for your lateness to work. You can’t blame the cops either, because you chose to wake up 15min later. IT’S YOUR FAULT! DEAL WITH IT!’

When I was in high school I read Jack Canfield’s ‘The Success Principles’ for the longest time (it was a lovely book that’s why). One thing that stood out for me was the principle of taking 100% responsibility for your life. It is a very hard pill to swallow because as humans, we are extreme pro’s at playing the blame game, and we don’t take responsibility for our own contribution. It takes ‘the bigger person’ (not exactly sure who that is) to step up and choose to accept their role in a situation.

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Not Planning is Expensive – Free time too

A few months ago, when I heard I will be away from home for 3weeks, all alone, I loved the idea. I knew I would definitely have more time in my hands to rest, get some personal reading done, devotional time, exercise time, write more posts, get my report done in time, and get to watch a couple of movies and series.

I was so eager to some me time and accomplishing much.

One week into my trip, I had hardly touched a book, and managed to only watch half a series. I had so much time in my hands, but why hadn’t I even done one thing that I hoped to get out of this trip?

Then it occurred to me, that I would get ‘home’ early (my temporary home), but because I did not deliberately decide what I wanted to do with my extra free time, I would be heading to bed without having accomplished anything.

I wasn’t planning my free time. ‘It is free time, so what are you planning for?’ you may think. I thought the same. But I realized, in the same way we deliberately plan our busy schedules, we need to do the same with our free time, or else it will just pass us by and before you know it, it’s gone with the wind. Unfortunately, 2weeks of my trip had already gone by the time I was realizing this.

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