Magnifying the Focus

I like the analogy of the magnifying glass; if you focus it on one spot on a piece of paper for a good amount of time, it will eventually flame up. On the other hand, if you keep darting it from one angle to another of the paper, the effect will be nil.

The power of focusing can cause a flame, and eventually a fire.


This became quite vivid during my close to one year induction program at my place of employment. 3weeks in each department to learn the business. It was a fun experience, since as at now, I am well versed with the company I work for. However during this rotation, I learnt something quite interesting about focus. As much as I was learning on a touch and go basis, I was not making much of an impact. I had nothing to show for my ‘hard work’ at the end of an exhausted day, because I was not doing anything in particular.

Life is a lot like that. The word focus has been sung ever since I was in primary school. I have always been told to focus on my studies, focus on where you are going, do one thing at a time, what is your focus in university, and so forth.

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To Eat or Not to Eat the Marshmallow

I believe we have all heard of the marshmallow test.  In case you haven’t here is the general over view.

02_11_2008 - 15.30.48 - TIMNEWS - ST-Marshmallow-08vc26251.jpg.jpg

An experiment was done by Walter Mischel in the 1960s and 1970s at Stanford University involving a number of 4 year olds. They were put in a room, with a marshmallow in front of them. The kids were then given two options; 1. If they wait a little longer until the experimenter came back to the room, they would get 2more marshmallows, or 2. They could eat the marshmallow and the experimenter would come back into the room, however they would not receive any additional marshmallows.

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