First Comes Commitment Then Comes Love

Before I entered my relationship, I had been on journey of intense search and understanding of this thing called relationships. I had read, googled listened to sermons and experts, and observed people in relationships; both dating and married, constantly trying to figure out what makes them work and survive the test of time.

One thing that stood out in my research was friendship is key, and with friendship, commitment to the friendship.

Commit to love


Our society nowadays teaches us that before we commit, we must develop a feeling of attraction or chemistry before we can commit to a person. If there is no feeling or chemistry, then there is no commitment. We need to feel someone’s “vibe before we can agree to date them. My fellow friend and blogger/writer Ernest Wamboye wrote a similar post on the same here, which I absolutely concur with.

Over the last couple of years, I have been acclimatizing myself to understand the true definition of what love is. We as humans have been called to love one another, and love, my friends, is not a feeling but an act of your will. Once you act out love, you begin to feel the love.

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Your Dress; Your Consequences.

The last 2 weeks or so has seen uproar on social media. Kenyans have witnessed several devastating turn of events from the social scene where 3 women have been stripped naked, for reasons that I honestly (and angrily) do not think are justifiable. Reason for the stripping of these women: Indecent dressing.

But that is not what I want to talk about here, since this conversation has been extensively discussed, and just to ensure that I am not misquoted or taken out of context, I am of the consensus that the men who participated in the stripping of these women should be given life imprisonment, as this is equivalent to murder; these men have killed a part of these women by stripping them of their dignity.


Now, the purpose of this piece is to shed light on an issue that arose from these incidences. Decent dressing. Such a ‘relative’ term. Is there a rule book? Why does it matter to anyone how I dress? It’s an expression of who I am inside! Times have changed and what worked then is not what it is now. Women and Men should be allowed to wear what they want whether decent or not. Those are just some of the sentiments that I picked up in various online conversations.

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