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When we were younger, possibilities to our life goals were endless. As children, we dreamt big dreams of conquering the world. It was wonderful. It was possible. And we were determined to make it happen.

Then we grew older, and Life happened.

Life does have a way of happening to us, catching us in a whirlwind, a storm of regurgitated average living Monday to Monday, January to January. It happens when we don’t even know it.

Life happened to me, that it took a toll on my creative writing; Juggling school, work, church, relationship, family, my life seemed like a circus show. Life happens. It can suck you into its rat race bubble, until you lose your enthusiasm for living; lose your purpose, lose your footing, lose yourself.

The problem with this, we forget how to live, how to stop and smell the roses, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the birds chirping. We forget how to dance and sing without any shackles or fears holding us back. And we wake up 50 years later and ask ourselves what have I done with my life? Life happened.

Life happened. But as life happened, I learned. I grew in my thinking, I understood better. I’m learning to take charge of my life. Not letting life happen to me, though sometimes you have to go through the period of letting life happen, but make sure to get a grip of it. I am re-learning and re-exploring who I am, what I cherish, what makes me feel alive. I think it is good to regularly do that with your life, to help you not lose yourself. It helps avoid the endless, crazy, purposeless cycle of life. I’m choosing to live in the moments of life, both good and bad; being fully in them and taking in what is around and within me. That’s living. I’m deliberately choosing to be a blessing to those around me, for that is the highest fulfillment of life. That’s living.

It’s New Month; New Day; New Chapter; New Beginnings; New Weather (😃 no more cold). Fresh starts do not always start on January 1st. It can start today, it can start with the dawn of every new day.
Here’s🍷 to a new season, and new and better open doors ahead.

Psalms 37:4-5
Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring IT to pass.


Grace and Peace.


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