Taking the Leap

Faith: Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen.

If you follow me on facebook, you will notice that recently I have been posting a lot about faith, and the hash tag #faith journey.

Where I fellowship, the theme that was unveiled for this year was “Open Doors” – now before all you skeptics start condemning that theme because of the upsurge of prosperity teachings, don’t get it twisted, it ain’t about that. I found it hilarious though how Ironical that was in reference to my life. 2016 started off pretty rough for me, in ways I didn’t expect. Faced with crucial decisions to make, as well has trying to be strong for those around me, it seemed this year of open doors was more like that of crushing doors. There was no glimmer of hope with the situations I was in; or so it seemed.

But God kept showing me through my daily bible reading that anytime He wanted to do something great, He needed a human to believe and have faith in what He says, in the midst of chaos, impossibility, storm, or trouble. To take the leap and jump, even though it

Image: Facebook

may seem foolish in all human comprehension. And with every story and encounter I had with the word, it was quite evident that, that was the constant in how God works.

I think of Elijah, and the prophets of Baal, and where the LORD answered by fire. Mind you, Elijah Poured water, gallons of water, onto the altar where the LORD was to answer by fire. Do you know how crazy that is? Fire and water do not mix, but the LORD answered by fire and CONSUMED everything and nothing was left.

I think of the children of Israel before they crossed the Jordan. This time, the water’s did not part then they crossed. The feet of the priests had to touch the water for the way to be made.

I think of Abraham, just with a voice, He left all that He knew to go to a place that he will be shown, by a God he has never seen. But he moved. And now he really is the father of many nations; Christianity and Islam – anyone who professes these two faiths, is considered a child of Abraham

And most keenly, I think of Jesus Christ. Everytime before He did a miracle, He asked “Do you believe?” or He said, your “Faith has made you well”. Jesus was not able to perform miracles in His home town because of THEIR unbelief.

Basically, faith is the currency of heaven. Faith still can work for the unbeliever, because the principle is still the same. The LORD makes the rain fall on the good and bad, and the sun shine on the good an bad. The phrase ‘You can be/achieve anything you believe’ os the worlds term for faith. For the Christian it’s just an easier process, because of being under the blessings of salvation.

Faith – Doesn’t know how it will happen. It just knows it will Happen

Faith – is borderline foolishness to human understanding. Faith and foolishness are separated by nearly an invisible line.

Faith – Requires positioning only and not planning. Plan and faith rarely go in the same sentence. Planning will require perfect conditions for you to move. Positioning requires you to move, even when you do not know where next to step. Faith without action is dead: the positioning is your action.

Faith – is jumping over a 2000ft clif and trusting that God will hold you in his wings – That’s metaphorical by the way. Please don’t try that and say you picked it from here. Jumping over a cliff maybe, moving to a new city, town, country, taking on a new job, pursuing your dream, getting married (yes that requires faith), signing up for an audition, basically taking on things that the outcome and possibility of success are pretty grim.

For God to perform something drastic in your life, you need to have faith, and not Mt. Everest faith, but only a mustard seed, just faith the size of a mustard seed.

I’ve recently jumped off my ‘cliff’ and thrilled by what is coming up, because I know, the LORD will mount me on His wings before I hit rock bottom, and will help rise higher than the comfort of the cliff, all for His glory.


Grace and Peace.



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