Photography is skill that everyone seems to be mastering these days, given the fact that, mobile companies are outwitting each other as to who’s front camera can take the best selfies. They have even invented selfie lighting which you can attach to your phone. Haha. People have mastered the art of lighting, aka, ‘sunkissed – I woke up like this’  #perfect lighting today’.  True, Photography is about manipulation of light. I am guilty of that as well. I am sure if I asked for some of your phones I wouldn’t dare miss stumbling on 10 plus photo’s of the same time period and type. Because why? Because we are looking for that perfect shot that we can share with our virtual friends (Yep, guilty here too).

Well Photography is more or less the same. If you ask most professional photographers, they will tell you that before they got that perfect shot they were looking for, they probably had 20 shots to choose from. We never almost get that perfect shot the first time. I mean look at my work below; the after and before (editing and cleaning up. N these were picked among many other shots of the same thing)

It takes lots of sometimes tiring effort to get that perfect shot.  Also, I must give it up to editing software’s. Really allows you to enhance your images and get that perfect punch onto otherwise possibly horrible photos. Lol.

It’s unfortunate though that in this generation/day and age, the total sum of our lives are increasingly being reduced to one picture perfect shot. It has been said over and over again that ‘NEVER BELIEVE PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA’. We like to plaster our pain with vague depictions of who we are not, in an effort to get vindication and approval from likes and follows. We want to escape the realities of life by digging our faces into our Instagram and facebook accounts, and all we end up with is emptiness and jealousy and envy of those who’s lots seem easier, which technically isn’t true. I was a victim of this, though thank God I got out of the dellunsion before I was hooked.

Guys (and gals), social media shows only our perfectly filtered lives. But the truth is, we need to get our heads and hearts out of our screen, and actually feel the pain. Yes, the pain! WE ARE ALL going through something in our lives. ALL OF US.  Just take time and talk to someone and you will see. But all they will show you is the picture perfect version. I know, because when the pain became too much, I numbed it with endless hours of scrolling through my phone to escape the reality of my situation. It was easier. It was soothing. For the moment. But I felt twice as worse when I put my phone down, why because none of what I saw was real. It was just everyone’s perfect-shot lives. I felt such a strong void that sort of left me depressed. The day I came to discover that what people share and post is not the full picture but a pinch of sugar of it (I do pray that you come to that realization sooner than later), I felt the chains of bondage break off (sombaday say haaallleeellluuuyyyaaa!!).

Let’s learn to feel the pain in life, because pain is part of growth. Contentment is also to be applied in the low moments of life, actually, especially in the low moments of life. Where you embrace the pain and allow yourself to go through that moment, so you can heal.

I had to put my phone down for a while and look to my Maker to heal my pain, and not endless, mindless ogling at people’s lives through the screen for comfort. I had to sit at my Masters feet with all my pain, confusion and dissatisfaction, and have Him help me deal with it; because to be honest, no therapist can help get rid of a certain pain. Everyone can try being there for you. Your friends can try check up on you, but all that’s external. You need someone to sooth you and help you heal from within, and only Jesus Christ can do that. I choose to Delight myself in the LORD, (psalms 37:4a) in the pain, and He carried me through.

I’m not saying don’t post the perfect shot, or enjoy other people’s posting, but do not be deceived that people’s Picture Perfect lives is the real thing. Do not determine your progress based on people’s picture perfect


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