I had a writers block for the last 5months.

Writers block – the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. (Google)


This was me. When your 'Imaginary friends' don't make sense.
This was me. When your ‘Imaginary friends’ don’t make sense.











It’s been crazy y’all. I attribute the block to so much that was happening in my life that I couldn’t hold and see through a clear thought process in my mind. I was trying to put things together in my life in relation to where I am heading in my life. Settling in to a new relationship also, froze me up a bit (because the lessons I was learning were too many, I couldn’t write them down, so I just had to go with the flow of things.)

Sometimes we get a life block in our lives:

Life block – the condition of being unable to know what to do with your life, or where to go next with your life; also known as quarter life crisis (Definition – mine).

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Not Planning is Expensive – Free time too

A few months ago, when I heard I will be away from home for 3weeks, all alone, I loved the idea. I knew I would definitely have more time in my hands to rest, get some personal reading done, devotional time, exercise time, write more posts, get my report done in time, and get to watch a couple of movies and series.

I was so eager to some me time and accomplishing much.

One week into my trip, I had hardly touched a book, and managed to only watch half a series. I had so much time in my hands, but why hadn’t I even done one thing that I hoped to get out of this trip?

Then it occurred to me, that I would get ‘home’ early (my temporary home), but because I did not deliberately decide what I wanted to do with my extra free time, I would be heading to bed without having accomplished anything.

I wasn’t planning my free time. ‘It is free time, so what are you planning for?’ you may think. I thought the same. But I realized, in the same way we deliberately plan our busy schedules, we need to do the same with our free time, or else it will just pass us by and before you know it, it’s gone with the wind. Unfortunately, 2weeks of my trip had already gone by the time I was realizing this.

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The Flame of Life

I now understand.

How we lose ourselves.

How we forget the dreams, which ignited the flames

Of our hearts as kids.


I now understand how we

End up being bodies,

Of walking masquerades,

Of false images

Of whom we are meant to be.

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