YOLO – At work too

We are all born with some form of creativity. This is quite evident in young fellows who burst out with vibrant rays of creativity. Just take a walk around campuses, in town, in the malls. You will be amazed at how young people are upbeat with trends and even creating their own (some not so fascinating).

Whatever happens when we get into the work place? Walking on the streets of Nairobi, sometimes I see former college mates looking all prepped up (sometimes frumpy) and serious in their official wear. These same people in college had mo-hawks, rainbow hairs, and piercings all over their faces. I find myself left in giggles at the sight of this, asking myself, whatever happened to the fun crazy soul that lived within those bodies? Is working life that bad, that you have to lock up all your creative juices for some other time that, nobody knows when, will be revealed?

Being a working citizen tends to bring about a sense of maturity. All of a sudden, your image does matter especially if you are keen on climbing the corporate ladder at some point in life, and no one wants to employ a mo hawked, face pierced individual (again I say, image is everything). How short your skirt is, the color combination you are considering for work wear, your jewelry (loud vs subtle) no longer become a matter of ‘freedom of expression’, but of sobriety.  So does maturity dictate that we become dull and subdued in the expression of ourselves? Even in the work place?

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Cobalt blue ruffle dress

Everyday is a day to celebrate fashion. I like to use the phrase fashion is my passion, and you will be seeing enough of that here actually. To kick us off, here is a piece from my label, House of Valentcia.