The Flame of Life

I now understand.

How we lose ourselves.

How we forget the dreams, which ignited the flames

Of our hearts as kids.


I now understand how we

End up being bodies,

Of walking masquerades,

Of false images

Of whom we are meant to be.

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Not that Kind of Girl

This is a piece i did back in high-school.  Did a little tweaking to it, though i still believe the message is as relevant today as it was over 5 yrs ago. Enjoy. 🙂


I’m not that kind of girl who leaves next door,

With gorgeous locks,

And face like a doll;

A body like Knowles,

And a head empty as a box.


I’m not that kind of girl who gives it free and easy,

Even though you ‘think’ you’re hungry and needy.

I suggest you just find the key,

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