Beauty Like The Son


4128785-beautiful-south-african-woman-with-bronze-necklace-and-natural-make-up-long-false-eyelashes-with-lotThere is a movement/craze that’s currently trending amongst many African ladies of ‘going back to the roots’ i.e. going natural. I’m not one to be carried away by trends and fads. I love fashion and style. Not trends. Though his particular ‘trend’ (for it’s more of a movement now) is one that I admit, I’m 100% pro. When I chose to go natural, it was not because it was the in thing to do. I kind of stumbled into it. I have always had long hair, never been cut since birth, until about two years ago. At that point, I just felt I needed a change, plus it was at a point in my life where I chose and needed to turn things around. What better moment for these two points to converge, so I opted, to go for a shorter look to just mark a new chapter of my life. I went for a bob hair-cut. (Do bear with me; this post is not about hair; I’m actually getting somewhere.) My hair being chemicalised, however, prove challenging to maintain, especially when my natural hair grew out (it just looked all over the place) so when my hair had grown out a couple of inches, I decided to chop off the chemicalised ¾ part of my hair (I later came to learn its called the big chop), and voila, I was natural. For me it was just one of my many experimental stages. That is how I set off on my natural journey, unknowingly. It’s only recently that I discovered it’s becoming a common craze, so I joined the band wagon, my way!!!

As I kept researching on how to care for African hair, which I did quite a bit, I awakened my love of all things naturally beautiful. I’ve always, subconsciously, preferred natural beauty treatments to those expensive stuff, and now it’s become a conscious thing.

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God Loves the David’s and uses the Rahab’s.

rahab-01David was one of the greatest men in the bible. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard of him in our present day. I believe we all know his story; he was a shepherd boy at the time he was anointed king of Israel, he killed bears and lions, he slayed the largest human in the land at the time, he was a fugitive, he killed tens of thousands, he killed a man to get his wife, he loved GOD, and God considered him, a man after his own heart.

If you don’t know his bio, I recommend that you read the book of Samuel, both 1st and 2nd. I recently was reading the above chapters of the bible, and as I was reading along, it occurred to me that David was more or less your average guy. He did quite a number of things that are equivalent to what we do today. The major of the incidences in his life was adultery and murder, and not just your typical ‘sleeping with my subordinate’s wife’, but he went further on to have the husband of his accomplice in the act (mistress) killed! David definitely had his faults. But did you notice that despite it all, God still referred to him as ‘a man after my own heart’ (Acts 13:22)?

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The Bright Lamp of Holiness (Part II)

As Promised, Part II of this heart inspiring piece. Be blessed.

The Bright Lamp of Holiness II

By Francis Frangipane

untitled If you are focused in your will and heart toward God, your body is full of light, and you are giving full expression to the glory of God within you. But if you are double-minded, if you are dwelling on sinful or evil thoughts, your light is proportionally diminished until your very body is full of darkness. Jesus went on to warn, “Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness” (v. 35, KJV).

If you do nothing about your salvation, fail to seek God, or choose to disobey Him, you are in darkness. Do not console yourself with an aimless hope that someday, somehow, you will get better. Arm yourself with determination! For if the light in you is in darkness, how terrible is that darkness. Son of light, you must hatedarkness! Darkness is the substance of hell; it is the world without God.
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